Jack the Ripper, who is arguably history's best-known serial killer yet is not among the ten worst in terms of the number of victims
10 Biggest Serial Killers of All Time (Shocking List)

The 10 Biggest Serial Killers in History (by number of victims):

.They are typically cold-blooded psychopaths who have no difficulty killing another person, frequently just for their own amusement. Some of the sadly numerous serial killers throughout history have been able to stand out. Jack the Ripper, The Zodiac Killer, etc.) have never been apprehended; Ted Bundy, etc.); they were unusual killers; or their methods of murder were horrific (Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc.). However, the list that follows ranks and focuses on the serial killers who have killed the most victims.

Note that this only includes those who have killed another person directly. Therefore, leaders of nations who have ordered the murder of thousands or even millions of people (such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, etc.) are NOT included in the list. This list of serial killers does NOT include any doctors or other medical professionals who have killed patients on purpose (most notably Harold Shipman).


10. Thug Behram (Around 125 Killings)

Known also as "King of the Thugs," thug Behram

  • killed over 125 individuals (all men)
  • Born: (Unknown day of the year) 1765 (birthplace unknown)
  • died: (date unknown) 1840 in British-controlled Jabalpur, India
  • Identity: Indian
  • Occupational title: Thuggee cult leader
  • Period of murders: 1790 to 1840
  • North-central India is the scene of the killings.

He ambushed and plundered travelers and merchants with the help of his cult members, or "Thuggees," before strangling them to death in a religious ceremony.

Punishment: British officers arrested him in 1840, and that same year he was hung to death.


9. Luis Garavito (Around 140 Killings)

  • killed about 140 people (all underage boys)
  • Date of birth: January 25, 1957 in Genova, Colombia, Quindio (still alive)
  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Membership with a criminal gang and occasional laborer
  • murders from 1992 to 1999
  • Killings took place all over Colombia.

Targeted young boys between the ages of 6 and 16 from impoverished families or orphanages, then raped and killed them

Punishment: Imprisoned for 1,853 years after being arrested in 1999 (still imprisoned as of now)


8. Daniel Camargo (Around 150 Killings)

  • roughly 150 individuals were killed (all underage girls)
  • Born: in Anolaima, Cundinamarca, Colombia, on January 22, 1930
  • Died: in Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador, on November 13, 1994.
  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Street seller and sporadic thief by trade
  • Early 1970s until 1986: the killing period
  • Barranquilla, Colombia, and Guayaquil, Ecuador are where the killings occurred.

He lured young girls from low-income families into forests, where he first sexually assaulted them before strangling them to death.

Punishment: He was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being arrested in Colombia in 1974, but he escaped in 1984 and moved to Ecuador, where he resumed his murderous rampage. In Ecuador, he was arrested once more in 1986 and given a 16-year prison term.

He was assassinated in a prison in Ecuador in 1994 by a prisoner who was the nephew of one of the girls Camargo had killed.


7. Herman Mudgett (Around 200 Killings)

  • killed 200 or so individuals.
  • Born: Gilmanton, New Hampshire, USA, May 15, 1861
  • Died: in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on May 7, 1896.
  • Businessperson and insurance fraudster
  • Timeframe of murders: 1894–unknown start
  • Killings took occurred mostly in Chicago, USA, but also in Toronto, Canada, and other locations.

Killing men, women, and children at random, including friends and family members, and then dissolving their bodies. He acquired a two-story building in Chicago, transformed it into his "murder castle," and attracted his victims there.

Punishment: hung to death two years after being arrested in 1894.


6. John Johnson (Around 300 Killings)

  • Roughly 300 individuals were killed (all members of the native American Crow tribe of Montana)
  • Born: July 1st, 1824, Little York, New Jersey, United States of America
  • Died: at Santa Monica, California, USA, on January 21, 1900.
  • United States of America
  • Armed forces member, lumberjack, and mountain man
  • Period of murders: about 1847 to 1864
  • Killings took place all around the American state of Montana.

Modus operandi: In Montana, he ambushed and slaughtered Crow tribal members in retaliation for his wife's death at the hands of a Crow; he also allegedly consumed the livers of his victims (unconfirmed)

Penalty: None (died of natural causes after retiring to California)


5. Pedro Lopez (Around 350 Killings)

The "Monster of the Andes," Pedro Lopez, killed almost 350 people (all underage girls)

  • birth: Santa Isabel, Tolima, Colombia, October 8, 1948 (possibly still alive)
  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • vocation: none (occasional car thief)
  • Period of murders: 1969 to 2002 (possibly ongoing)
  • In the Andes region of Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, there have been murders.

Modus operandi: Murder and rape of young girls

Punishment: He was deported to Colombia, where he was found insane and sent to a psychiatric facility in Bogota, Colombia, after being caught in Peru in 1978 but being freed without charges. He was subsequently arrested in Ecuador in 1980 and sentenced to prison until 1994. 1998 saw my release from there.

He is presently wanted by Interpol on suspicion of killing another female in 2002. However, it is still unknown where he is.


4. Amelia Dyer (Around 400 Killings)

Amelia Dyer, sometimes known as "The Ogress of Reading," killed almost 400 people before being captured in 1896. (all underage boys & girls)

  • (Unknown date) 1836 in Bristol, England, U.K.
  • died on June 10th, 1896 in London, United Kingdom.
  • British nationality
  • Work as a nurse and a baby farmer
  • Period of murders: 1880–1896
  • Bristol, England, and Reading, England, were the scene of the killings.

Modus operandi: She killed the unwanted and orphaned kids she had previously adopted for money.

Punishment: Executed by hanging two months after being detained in April 1896.


3. Peter Niers (544 Killings)

  • 544 individuals were killed by Peter Niers.
  • Born: (precise day unknown) (exact day unknown) 1540 (birthplace unknown) (birthplace unknown)
  • In Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Electoral Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire, on September 16, 1581, he passed away.
  • Identity: German
  • Bandit commander; period of killings: 1566–1581.

Killings took place all over the southwestern regions of the Holy Roman Empire (modern-day Southwestern Germany & Eastern France)

Modus operandi: robbing, killing, and occasionally cannibalism (ate the fetuses of pregnant female victims)

Punishment: quartered alive on the breaking wheel three days after being detained on September 13, 1581.


2. Gilles de Rais (Around 600 Killings)

  • About 600 people were killed by Gilles de Rais (all underage boys & girls)
  • Born at Champtoce-sur-Loire, Duchy of Anjou, Kingdom of France, on an unknown day in 1405
  • passed away on October 26th, 1440 in Nantes, Duchy of Brittany, Kingdom of France.
  • Identity: French
  • During the Hundred Years War, I served as a Lord, Knight, and Commander in the French Army.
  • Killings occurred between 1432 to 1440.
  • killings took place all throughout northwest France (especially in Anjou & Brittany)

He used this method to kidnap, rape, and kill small children from low-income families he came across in Northwestern France.

Punishment: Killed by hanging a month after being detained in September 1440.


1. Elizabeth Bathory (Around 650 Killings)

  • The "Blood Countess," Elizabeth Bathory, killed some 650 people (all girls & women)
  • born on August 7th, 1560 in Nyirbator, Hungary
  • passed away on August 21st, 1614 in Csejthe, Hungary (modern-day Cachtice, Slovakia)
  • Country of origin: Hungary
  • Countess of the illustrious Bathory Family
  • Killings occurred from 1590 until 1610.
  • The Cachtice Castle in present-day Cachtice, Slovakia, was the scene of the killings.

Modus operandi: killing and torturing young girls and women (usually orphans, widows and peasant women)

Punishment: Imprisoned for life after being arrested in 1610 (died in prison four years later)


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